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Loretta M.

Swimming now is so much more to me than simply staying alive in the water! After years of watching everyone else learn to swim, I signed up for adult lessons despite my fear of the water. While the instructors respected my feelings, they were so calm and confident that I was able to relax and concentrate on their instructions. Oakland, CA

Jane G.

Patti's Swim School is one of the best swim schools in the East Bay. The instructors are all great with the children and there is max two students per instructor (as opposed to overcrowded classes like most swim schools), so improvement can actually be seen each week- always nice to SEE that you are getting your money's worth! Castro Valley, CA

Nicole B.

Our five-year-old daughter started last summer. Before she attended the swim program she would not put her face in the water. After one week of lessons she was swimming the front crawl, swimming the backstroke, jumping off the diving board and diving for toys. Our daughter is also a very reserved and shy kid and the instructors were very patient and sensitive to her personality. Even after 10 months she still talks about the instructors and can't wait to go back this summer. Oakland, CA

Suzanne S.

All swim strokes are taught correctly and last a lifetime. I have three children who have completed this program and I am grateful for the confidence they gained, and the careful instruction they received. Alameda, CA

Lisel G.

The instructors are all Red Cross certified and well trained. At the end of the week, parents receive specific feedback on areas that were mastered and need improvement. Orinda, CA

Linda P.

Comfortable and peaceful setting that is ideal for kids to concentrate and learn. This is also a great value. We have been really impressed with the results we have seen in our children since they started this program. Alameda, CA