Patti’s Swim School

Parent and Me

Since our very first baby class in 1981, Patti’s Swim School has established a successful program, helping children and their caregivers get comfortable in the water and establish early safety skills. We offer swimming lessons for children aged 5 1/2 months through 3 years old, providing a key foundation in safety and basic water skills that will help your child enjoy swimming for the rest of their lives.

A 2009 research study found that participation in formal swimming lessons was associated with an 88 percent reduction in the risk of drowning in children ages one to four. Starting swimming lessons early is a great way to get your child comfortable with water and improve their safety skills around pools, lakes, and even bathtubs.

Introduce your child to the joy of swimming through our parent and me program. Our instructors create an interactive, engaging learning environment by using songs and other fun activities. We request that all families start at the Beginner level of our parent and me swimming program and advance to the next level when the instructor feels they are ready. 

Parent and Me Lesson Options

Name: Beginner

Age: 5 months to 12 months

Class Details: 4:1 parent and child/instructor ratio

Learning Objectives: An introductory class where instructors will explain skill sets and routines as well as assist parents with submersions, back floating, and movement in the water. 

Name: Intermediate

Age: 12 months – 18 months

Class Details: 4:1 parent and child/instructor ratio

Learning Objectives: Independent submersions, breath control, and rollover breathing are three skills that are emphasized. Parents are encouraged to allow their children to become more independent in the water.