Patti's Swim School

Swim School Policies

  • All of our clients need to park on the property, not on the street or blocking the garage. When you park on the property, please do not block the garage in front of the house so the people who live there can still get in and out and also so our clients can exit the property. If you continue along the driveway, there is parking along the driveway and in the back area.
  • We do not offer make-up lessons. This is in order to maintain the integrity of our lessons, both in content and in structure. Please do your best to attend.
  • All students under 4 years of age are required to wear two swim diapers to keep our pools safe and clean for your children and other members. The first swim diaper worn is a disposable swim diaper. The second diaper worn (on top of the disposable swim diaper) is a reusable swim diaper. You may purchase both reusable and disposable swim diapers at Target, Walgreens, or online. There will be a $250 Sanitation Fee charged to your account if your child has a fecal accident in the pool that causes a facility shutdown.
  • Lessons are charged in full at the time of booking. Cancellation for the session you’re booked for, has to be given in an Email, two weeks prior to the start of the lesson for a full refund. Annual registration fee is non-refundable. 
  • For the convenience of our students and parents we do not do perpetual enrollment. We understand that our students have different times and days they need for each session. In order to secure your preferred day(s) and time(s) for your session we ask that you are mindful of the need to schedule ahead.
  • You must have a valid credit card on file at all times.
  • First time students must pay by credit card when scheduling. Existing students can pay by cash or check two weeks prior to the first scheduled lesson.
  • Please, no food or drinks inside the pool area
  • While we do our best to honor requests for specific teachers, we cannot guarantee them.
  • No video or audio recording is permitted on the premises, as a courtesy to our other clients.
  • Patti’s Swim School is a drug free zone – There is absolutely no consumption of substances and this includes tobacco. There is no smoking on the property or on the street in front of the property.