Creating Confident Swimmers

At Patti's Swim School, our mission is to transform your child into a confident and skilled swimmer. We achieve this through personalized lessons, expert coaching, and a safe and fun learning environment.

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Centrally positioned in Castro Valley, California, Patti's Swim School is a reflection of the fervor and commitment of its founder, Patti O'Brien. Being an experienced swimmer, Patti had a vision to create a space where personal and customized swimming lessons were the norm, filling a gap she identified in her local area. With this vision, Patti's Swim School came to life.

At Patti's Swim School, the emphasis is on individualized lessons, each designed to cater to the distinct needs of the learner. This unique swim school has evolved from its modest inception into a vibrant community, dedicated to assisting people of all age groups to enhance their swimming abilities and nurture a lasting affection for the water. Numerous individuals have reaped the rewards of Patti's innovative approach to swimming instruction, making Patti's Swim School a cherished establishment in Castro Valley and the Bay Area.

Our mission is to empower individuals of all ages to become confident, skilled swimmers, fostering a love for the water and promoting a healthy, active lifestyle.

Patti's Swim School is a boutique institution specializing in private, one-on-one swim instruction. We cater to individuals of all ages, focusing on personalized attention to enhance the learning experience.

Patti O'Brien, founder of Patti's Swim School, is a dedicated educator and mother of six. With a BA in education and an MA in educational leadership and administration, Patti's passion for teaching and her unique, effective approach to swimming instruction, have made her swim school a beloved community staple. Since its establishment in 1981, Patti's Swim School has helped over 100,000 individuals, both children and adults, develop crucial swim safety skills. Using the Red Cross Water Safety curriculum, Patti ensures that every student receives personalized, comprehensive instruction.

Why Choose Patti's Swim School?

We're more than just a swim school, we're a community dedicated to helping you reach your swimming goals.

I’m extremely impressed with Patti's Swim School. The instructors are truly dedicated, providing individual attention and a supportive learning environment. Thanks to the guidance of Isaac, my daughter made remarkable progress in her swimming abilities in a short time. I highly recommend Patti's Swim School to anyone looking to improve their skills. It's a fantastic place with a wonderful team of instructors.

Rosa Oezdemir

I suggest trying Patti's Swim School in Castro Valley. It's been worth the drive (from Berkeley) for my family. Not sure what current availability looks like but they do a fantastic job teaching kids to swim!

Swimming Lessons

Patti's Swim School in Castro Valley is a wonderful program and they helped my time son overcome his fear of the water.

Private lessons for a fearful swimmer

Our Swim School in Castro Valley, California offers personal and customized swimming lessons across Castro Valley, Oakland, Dublin, San Ramon, Pleasanton, Orinda, Moraga, Lafayette, and the surrounding areas.